As a professional coach and academic sociologist, I am well-equipped to recognise productive tensions between change within you and the context of your working academic life.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a structured conversation with measurable outcomes.

My approach

My approach is to use coaching as a supportive, collaborative intervention that helps you to achieve your potential. As a coach, I prioritise:

  • the management of your physical, mental and emotional state,

  • active listening

  • curiosity

  • building trust

How can I help you?

My professional training as a coach combined with 15+ years of experience within University and Research Institute environments as an active Researcher and Senior Academic gives me insight into your complex needs. I specialise in career development, strategic planning, and leadership skills for academics. My specific expertise is leadership coaching for women and early career scholars.

I have the knowledge and expertise to help you to find creative approaches to:

  • Your next career step

  • Applying for promotion

  • Increasing your research productivity

  • Increasing your visibility as a researcher

  • Managing imposter syndrome

  • Key communication skills

  • Time management

  • Building your leadership capacities

  • Managing work relationships

Meredith Nash Coaching - Services for Individuals

For Individuals

Meredith Nash Coaching - Services for Universities and Institutions

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