My feminist sociological research is innovative and multi-dimensional.

For the last 15 years, my research has explored gender-based inequalities. To explore the ‘big questions’ in my field, I examine four key sites where gender inequality persists: 1) Reproduction and parenting; 2) Organisational culture; 3) Media; 4) Leisure. My work examines how gendered inequalities in these sites undermine women’s existing rights, pose difficulties in how women manage paid work and caring responsibilities, challenge their realistic portrayals in the media, and limit access to leisure time/spaces.

My research has been featured 100+ times in national and international media outlets including Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), BBC News (UK), The Independent (UK), Daily Mail (UK and Australia), Globe and Mail (Canada), Salon (USA).


Journal Articles

I am the author of 35+ journal articles on a range of topics including pregnancy body image, tattoos, the public health potential of parkrun, and leadership for women in STEMM.


Chapter in Book

I am the author of 8 chapters in edited books on topics including maternity fashion, fitness fashion websites, and fetal personhood.


Conference Publications

I have presented my work at 20+ national and international conferences in recent years.


Other Publications